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      Quality Garantee
































































      LISA Tech, a professional translation company registered at Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce, is mainly responsible for large or medium translation mission of different fields and make website internationalization or localization. The translators and press-correctors are experienced in translation for different specific field.

      For many years, persisting the spirit of ^High efficiency, High quality, and Low price ̄, we have successfully managed tasks of different industries and language and get praise and trust of clients from home and overseas, such as IT, communications, website localization, law, economy, financial, account, electronics, chemistry, medicine, agriculture and emigration, etc. 

      We supply specific service to meet different demand. According to different types of material, language, scope and specific knowledge involved, we will establish a special team to manage the task consigned by clients under good plans and organization on time . Reliability and a best proportion of cost and benefit are our goals.

      Attaching to a long time strategic membership with clients, we will make a joint development and progress with them to realize mutual benefit. 

      Using Trados, transit as tools to translate, and Word, PDE, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, PageMaker, CorelDraw to set up types and illustrations, we guarantee clients  beautiful make-ups before printing.  

       Experienced Doctors, Masters, and professional translators studying from broad perform internationally and professionally. 
        Professionals, experts, academic authorities  correct together to guarantee the quality; 
       And foreign native experts also join in our team.

      B. Interpreters:
       The senior interpreters with at least 10 years experience are able to translate fluent both in Chinese and English.
        The second level interpreters with 4-10 years experience are able to do commercial interpretation.
         Considering the fee on errand, we will arrange an interpreter at hand to meet the demand of clients.
        Generally, most interpreters working for us live in big cities, e.g.. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, and Guangzhou, and they should be arranged to flight to the working place according to the need of work itself. 

      C. Administrators:
       Administrators with high degree of education and longevity are able to resolve kinds of difficulties.  
       Careful planed training program make every employee are able to adapt to their position.  
        Experience IT workers are able to resolve kinds of difficulties of computer.

      D. Technique support:
       The linkage of LNC make a higher speed of delivery and more convenient to  printing and classification.
        Deep application of Internet supply not only rich info resources and a convenient way to communicate with remote clients.
        Advanced CD Copy technique which make up the limitation of disk, make it possible to store and take along with large files.
        We have high resolution scanners to meet the demand for clear picture text. 


      Liaison Miss Tan and Miss Wu
      Tel    (86)400-806-01020755-83460102

      Fax    (86)400-806-01020755-834601028346049983460102
      E-mail thh80@163.com


      ©Allright Reserved by Lisa tech (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
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